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VGL PET FOOD...Josera partner in Nigeria

JOSERA Premium dog food products offer the ideal combination of high quality products for a reasonable price. Suitable for all life stages and every breed.


Premium adult Endurance and strength

A special recipe for dogs with high energy demands. Active contains a high level of metabolic energy

It is suitable for active dogs and dogs in rehabilitation.For all breeds

Highly digestible formula for rearing active breeds

A digestion-regulating growth formula for sensitive athletes, providing optimum support for healthy development. This highly digestible recipe containing tasty duck and premium salmon is excellent for sensitive young dogs, and also reduces the amount of excretions.

Best Raw Materials – the basis of our quality guarantee

Digestion control


Special dietary fibres and highly digestible ingredients

regulate digestion and reduce the amount of feces.



Valuable antioxidants can help prevent the influence of free radicals generated due to physical activity. L-carnitine encourages the metabolism of fat, thus making energy more easily accessible for the body.

Skin & coat


A shiny coat and a healthy skin are signs that your dog is receiving the ideal food. This is assured by the presence of fatty acids, vitamins and organically bound copper and zinc.

Only the best for our much-loved pets

Josera use exclusively high-quality and natural ingredients for our dog food! Josera avoid the use of genetically modified ingredients, and they never add any wheat, soy, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The animals that provide us with their meat are fit for human consumption.

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